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A Review of 2018

Beyond Vision Foundation provided rental payments for Beyond the Vision Initiative School and paid the salaries of our teacher's while also providing daily meals for 160 children.

I went to Kenya and visited the school, its children, and the teachers. I have reviewed the school needs and written about them to inform our contributors what the donations are contributing to.

While in Kenya, I reviewed the farm that was helping to feed the school. We provided seeds, seed potatoes, fruit trees and fertilizer. The farm benefits the school by producing fresh vegetables and fruit for it. While there, we were able to bring 50 plus pounds of tomatoes back to the school. The farm also benefits the local village by providing fresh fruit, vegetables, and jobs.

As 2018 draws to a close I want to personally thank those who have contributed and trusted us with their money. I want to assure you that your money has been used to benefit our cause. they have been distributed 100%.

Please continue to support us, we are making a difference!

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