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More Than A Farm

Jackie's mother, pictured here sitting in front of her kitchen, is a very generous woman who cares for her neighbors and her village.

I visited her home and while I was there, many neighbors stopped by to eat, socialize, and help with the preparations for the new crop.

This farm and village would really benefit from having a well. A well would save Jackie's mother from carrying water up the steep incline, but the greatest impact would be on the village, because fresh water would cut down on cholera and other diseases. It would also help reduce instances of rape. The women walk miles through barren areas for water every day and predatory men ambush them on their way.

We brought 50 lbs. of tomatoes back to the school.

Jackie has been building a library on her mothers property. Her passion is that everyone could be educated.

Mangos grow well out here

A Lemon tree off to a great start. This was planted last year

December pictures of new bean crop

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