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Hope For The Future

Beyond Vision Foundation has funded 2 young men to advance to secondary school for continued education. What does this mean for them?

Edwin Muchoki (pictured on the right) is 18 years old, he came from the country side with his mother and 4 siblings when his father abandoned the family. Edwin missed school for 3 years. Edwin's mother could not afford food and school costs so she brought the children to Beyond the Vision Community School.

Edwin tried to graduate from 8th grade in 2017 but could not garnish support to help him pay for his testing and funding into 9th grade so he chose to do the next year in 8th grade again.

He wanted an education.

He has seen his father unable to provide for the family as a laborer. Today Edwin's mother works at the school as a cook. We have provided a job for her so she can sustain her family. In Edwin's extended family no one has ever gotten a secondary education but Edwin now has the opportunity to break the cycle of illiteracy in his family.

He will be the first to complete secondary school.

Micheal (pictured on the left) began school in 2017 in 7th grade, he is a bright young man who is being raised by his single mother with 4 siblings. His mother washes clothes for 4 dollars and she can sometimes do the washing 3 times in a week. This is all she that has to provide for her and her 5 children.

Micheal watched as his mother struggled and he decided to join the gangs. Micheal's gang terrorized the slum dwellers by stealing from them and Micheal began to miss a lot of school. It would have been hard to catch up, but in July 2018, during one of the gang's robberies, 3 of his friends were shot dead by the police.

Micheal did a 360 degree turn around. Watching his friend's die, he remembered what Madame Jackie had advised him, that "he had chosen a wrong path" and it could cost him his life.

He straightened his pants (gang have a fold in theirs for identity) and he did not miss another day of school. He worked hard, graduated, and we now have placed him in secondary school.

While in secondary school the student remains at the school. Beyond Vision Foundation Sponsors pay for bedding, food, books, and all their needs for 1 year. With this, the student is removed from the slum life, and develops new friends, new habits, and hope of a better tomorrow.

One of these young men has placed top of the class this year, the other placed 3rd out of 161 children. These boys are doing very well...

We have had 17 graduates this year and your support gives a child hope.

9th grade cost for a child this year is 800.00. This money buys their uniform, bedding, clothing, books and food for 1 year. They go away from the slums often 40 to 100 miles away where they live at the school throughout the school year. This is the first time these children will have their own bed, food security, time to develop, dream and have hope. They are surrounded by motivated peers and in an academic culture. 10th - 12th grade support is only 500.00 per year.

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